Wednesday, April 28, 2010


As I was walking through the halls today I heard a few students talking about the recent kidnapping, yes kidnapping, which made me want to write this.

So I don't know how many people has heard of the Morehouse College student kidnapping, but here's the jist. 4 students (3 from Morehouse College) were carjacked and kidnapped by a 17 year old and a juvenile a few days ago, not far from campus (at all).

Although the situation is a serious one, I can't help but chuckle at certain parts.

One of the students was heard saying " they got my wallet... they got my iPhone and everything".

Like SERIOUSLY?! Your life is in danger and all you can think about is you IPHONE? I understand how important one's Iphone is to a person (I have one myself and its my LIFE) but dude!!! That's the last thing you should be worries about.

Another part of the story that has me like "hmm" is the part where the student says that the gunman took the bullets out of the gun and then put it back in. NOW!! with all that time, he could've knocked the gun out of the gunman's hand and did something to draw attention to the area (a lot of people walk/drive by there).

To me, something is not right with all of this. Yes its a serious situation, but those boys had multiple opportunities to escape and get help (of any kind)

Here's the story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. What you think?

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